Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah is a joyous festival. In Hebrew Simchat Torah means "rejoicing in the Law". Simchat Torah marks the end of the Torah reading cycle. The first five books in the Bible.

The ark is opened and all the Torah scrolls are removed. Torah scrolls are taken from the ark and the leader holds a Torah and recites a prayer, “Hoshia Na” Please Save Us. Afterwards, others follow the leader who is carrying the Torah scrolls around the synagogue seven times. Some dance, carry their bibles ,or own personal Torah scrolls. Kids carry flags. People kiss the Torah scrolls as they come by.

In Messianic Judaism which is comprised of Jewish people and Gentiles who have embraced Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah promised in the Hebrew Scriptures. We acknowledge that Yeshua is the Living Word.
 The kids sang a song about the, "Fruit of the Spirit" to the congregation.
(some of the photos of faces are fuzzy. I try not to put others faces online unless I have permission or know it's okay to do so.)
 Rabbi was instructing the children how to roll the smaller Torah scrolls.
 Almost done with the scrolls. I think the kids worked on 7 scrolls. We listened to praise and worship while rolling the Torah scrolls.
 After the smaller Torah Scrolls were rolled Rabbi had them put them into the Ark and at the same time he was teaching them. 
 The rest of the congregation rolled the large Torah Scroll taking turns rolling it.

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