Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week In Review-Week #9-2012-2013

We are in Sonlight Core D Week #9

I am going to do a quick overview of our week.

Bug finished her Bob Jones Writing and Grammar 3 and started on the 4th grade curriculum. She also completed her Life Pac History and Geography 3 and started on the 4th grade study.

That is a big relief for me. I don't like taking last years curriculum into the new year. With Bug, I suspect it will be a common thing. I am learning to not stress on it and I remind myself that this is one of the blessings of homeschooling my children. Not every child is created alike.

Bug had entomology this week and Little Man had karate class.

The kids started an outside art class. The made sculptures of the hand using plaster of paris  and rubber gloves. Next week they get to decorate it. They are very excited about next weeks class.

Both kids finished their White Aleph Champ Hebrew workbook and move into the next level.

We finished some of our activities. We have still been busy with appointments  and a field trip this week.
 The class clown as always.

 We made our igloos from the Inuit unit.

 We made a fish and a hook to go with the Inuit Study. I am using History Pockets a lot this year.
Then we went to see the Vietnam moving memorial wall. I spent some time off our scheduled study to talk about the Vietnam War and what the memorial wall is.

 I would love to see the one in D.C. My father has lots of pictures from Vietnam when he was over there. I shared them with the kids. ]

I know my father lost many friends over in Vietnam, I wish I knew the names so I could pay my respects to them for him.
 Amazing how quiet is was at the event with so many people. They did have, "Please be quiet" signs up. It was very quiet!

 Then we went to the play ground after such a solemn affair at the wall.

Then we meet a new friend. Very friendly dog that gave me lots of loving while I sat at the park bench. We even played some. I am grateful his owner shared him. Their is something very special about him-can you see what it is?

He only has three legs, his front leg was amputated due to getting hit by a car at 4 months old. His friend died. He is now 7 years old.

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