Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cowtown Fieldtrip

My kids love it when we go to Cowtown. It is probably one of their favorite places to go. This time we went with our homeschool group and did an old fashion one school room field trip.

 The school bell rang. The boys and girls came in the classroom separately. Girls first.
The kids listened to a story and had a small assignment.
 The younger kids got to go explore the farm and they made a new friend.
 My cowboy-actually he is my sheriff today. Underneath he has a leather vest with his sheriff badge. Mom wouldn't let him take his side arms today.
 Team work.

 Look at me Mommy!
 Bug didn't like the texture of the rope and dropped the hay pretty quick with tears. The texture must of been overwhelming!

Next stop was inside the farm house. Thanks to the hot stove it gave us a break from the cold wind.
 Then we explored the surrounding buildings around the farm.
We found a couple of old farming tools everywhere.
 Then we went into town. We went to the printers shop.
Barbers shop
 Local drugstore
The Dentist!Yikes I would be fearful of the dentist a 100 yrs ago!

 This was the Marshall's office.
 The town butcher

Bug really liked this place as she thought the animals are adorable.
 The hotel
Looks like a rougher crowd in this room with the cards and bottle on the table.
 The town church
 The playground outside the school house.
 Houses around the town.
 Looking down the street at the town.
Rides around the town.

 Railroad Depot
My kids favorite was the gun fight that happened in town. Which was to hard to take pictures of. We left early due to the fact that it was Friday and we needed to prepare for Shabbat.

We have been here many times and my kids still love it.

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