Monday, November 26, 2012

Honey Bee

I know another horse for Bug at therapy. Like I mentioned in another post Bug had mastered maneuvering on Lilly. The therapist decided that Bug needed a more challenging horse. Lilly was very smooth riding on. 

For Horse Therapy to benefit Bug the most she needed a horse with a lot of movement. It forces Bug to work her core muscles. Just holding herself in a good posture while sitting on the horse is strengthening those core muscles. In other words when the horse is a smooth rider she doesn't have to focus or work on holding her self up on the horse without to much effort.

 She is now riding Honey Bee. Honey Bee is a 22 year old All American Pony. Bee as she is lovingly nicknamed has a trot on her. Bug had to hold on to her while turning around in the varies sitting positions. 
 Hopefully she won't have to change horses for awhile. Her first horse Lollipop was the perfect fit for Bug. Lollipop is no longer at the riding center.
Honey Bee is a fitting name for my Bug loving little girl who want to have her own bee hive one day.

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