Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Horse Therapy Charity Event

On Veterans Day our family participated in a charity event for the horse therapy place Bug attends. I helped out in the kid area doing face painting. 

 The event was put on by Children's Miracle Network(CMN) to help out the therapy center if you are not able to afford the cost. They offer grants to the center.

Which I am blessed to have CMN help out my Bug. Honestly with out CMN we would be able to come up with the funds. The last two sessions we also had a local Jewelry store sponsor Bug along with CMN. Bug is also blessed to have a physical therapist with her session which the therapist employer donates the funds. She is one of a handful to actually get a certified PT.  I am greatly thankful for all of this.

 A tow truck painted as Mater was there.

A local car dealerships mascot. They were doing a raffle to win a car. Which I forgot to enter. Then again I usually don't win anything.
 The kids got to ride around the block in a limousine.
 Stick horse relays.
 They learned how to lasso cattle in the kid's area.

 Not as easy as it looks.
Almost he got the horns this time.
 This time they got to lasso a moving cattle. If you look under the horse you can see it. It shoots out the bottom.
I think he lasso himself this time.
 A mechanical bull ride. Bug made it on the news that night. It was precious to watch her. She kept saying over and over in the camera, "look at me mommy! I am riding a bull" I was nowhere around as I was painting faces.
 A local bar here in town donated the place and all proceeds to Children's Miracle Network. As you can tell it's a cowboy joint that always has all of this stuff.
 Little Man got some bull riding action.
He got a little faster and got to tumble off like a real bull rider.
 Dancing the Hookey Pokey.
 The main event was the live Bull Riding by real champion bull riders from all over the USA and at least one from the world. It was a big event with some big names for bull rodeo fans. I of course couldn't tell you who is who. It was fun watching it live.
I can understand the phrase in a song that says something about, "mamma don't let your boys grow up to be cowboys."  These men are a tough brunch. Having bulls chase you and go after you is not for the faint in heart. 

We had a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed the night. We all went home and passed out after 5 hours. We even left early!

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