Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week In Review-Week #11-2012-2013

We are in Sonlight Core D week #11

Scripture Memory this week:
1 Corinthians 16:13-14, Mark 16:15, Matthew 6:14 


We have been in the book of Shemoth which is the book of Exodus. We are at the ten plagues. We are also doing some studies from," Proverbs People".


We finished reading, "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown and we also completed  "Roanoke: The Lost Colony" by Bob Italia, and "The Ballot Box Battle" by Emily Arnold McCully.

For our poetry, "A Child's Introduction To Poetry" by Michael Driscoll and" Dancing Teepee"s, by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve.

Physical Education
We have put PE on hold this semester so we can catch our breath after so much busyness. 
Little Man is doing karate and with both kids we are doing stretching, jump roping, scooters, and what ever fun stuff we can think of.

Therapy and Appointments
Bug had all of her therapy this week.Bug had a few emergency appointments with Doctors.
Horse Therapy started back this week. Bug is on a new horse. Her name is Honey Bee. She is a 22 year old Pony breed. I forgot which kind they said. She has alot of marking like an Appaloose horse does.
The therapist felt that Bug mastered Lily. Lily is a smooth walker without much bounce to her. Bug was riding her with lots of ease. Bug could turn a ccomplete turn around while sitting on Lily without even holding on to the horse.  Which means Bug rides Lily frontwards, sidewards, and backwards and changes sitting positions on the horse while she is moving
Honey Bee I could see the difference with her walk. She has quite a bounce to her. Bug had to hold on while transferring her sitting position. Honey Bee is a new therapy horse and it was the horses first official lesson with Bug.    
American Indian Prayer Guide
We have been praying about the Chocotaw Indian tribe. We learned that they fought on the side of the American in the Revolutionary War and helped out in the War of 1812. 

We learned about a sad period of American history and the "Trails of Tears". We disguised how they were forced to leave their homes and travel on foot hundreds of miles and how many  thousands died from disease, cold weather, and lack of food and clothing.

We located the tribe's area on the map and stamped our passports.

History & Geography

 This week we started, "The Landmark of the American People". This has been a difficult book for the kids to digest. I asked the kids to give it some time to see how it progresses.

We are on a familiar subject with the Pilgrims and some of the topics where the Mayflower Compact, and the Pilgrims arriving on the Mayflower. A little about John Eliot and him translating and completing the Algonquian Bible.

We had some fun activities this week and actually managed to get them done.
 The kids love our Passports books that we do weekly. You can find out more in this post of the Passport books I made. We also located the country or state on our laminated map from Sonlight.

 We made a simple quill pen. Little Man wanted to make a Torah Scroll.

 Surprisingly Bug freaked out on the way the feather felt and how it wrote on the paper! It was quite amusing.
 She is a trooper and managed to do the task.
 We choose an occupation to do in the New World. Another History Pocket activity.
 Since they didn't have any Entomologist in the help wanted ads. Bug chose the next best thing a Farrier.
 She did her apprenticeship application.
 Little Man chose to be a Blacksmith.
 We did the application in pencil but signed it with our quill pen. Not an easy task to write words with.

 We learned about the elections and voting this week.
 The kids learned about the two main parties the Republicans and the Democrats. Off couse we learned a little about Mitt Romney and Obama.

The kids found out some of the laws about who can run for president of the United States.
 We made our own voting registration cards and who can vote in the United States.

 Then we cast our votes on important issues. Mom even cast her vote.

 I found a ballot box from Dollar Tree.

Proudly displaying that did there jobs as citizens of our household. We headed out the door so mom could do her duty as a citizen and vote.
 We caught up with our timelines in our Sonlight book. Which I have forgotten about for some reason this year.
Thanks to Bug reminding me.

 Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies

Art class the kids worked with textures by rubbing crayons on different medians and then the painted with water colors over it to make an unique craft. They finished the class with doing some abstract shapes using pastels. 

 Only in a homeschool can you get away with doing school on the table.
 Little Man is working on months and days of the week. You can get this file folder in my printables for free.

Another busy week and we accomplished a lot in all subjects even with all the appointments. 


Bugs, Dinosaurs, and the Sonlight Science D week 11. The kids are not so crazy about the Sonlight Science this year. I am hoping they will like it more when we get into the experiments coming up.    

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