Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hanukkah Wooden Block Menorah Craft

Hanukkah is just around the corner. This year I decided to surprise the kids with their very own Hanukkah menorah. They will get this gift on the first night of Hanukkah.
 It was an easy craft. I put the kids names on each menorah to personalize it for them.(Yes, I try to keep my kiddos name off the blog) So Little Man's name is on top.
 I glued a few dreidels to the menorah on each side. My kids love the game of dreidel and the chocolate gelt.
 For Little Man I put some extra blocks to keep the menorah going straight across on his. I added a few pictures of the things he likes. 
 I glued some wooded candle holders that I picked up at the craft store or less than $2.00 a package.
 Bug has a much shorter name and I didn't have enough of blocks to spell out Happy Hanukkah again. I decided to count out the days of lighting the menorah.  My only regret with this one is that I first wanted to center her name a little between the shamash candle. Now, I wish I would of put her name up against the shamash block so I could of had each candle on the day. Too late now. I am still happy with it and it still came out good.

I was trying to keep the price real low without buying to much. I glued to blocks with epoxy glue to a piece of craft wood from the hobby store. The wood came in a two pack for less than $3.00. I already had my wooden blocks. The blocks have been well loved and used throughout the years. The blocks are pretty beat up.
 I used a horse block on her edge with the pink side of the dreidel showing. She likes the letter gimmel so I made sure to show the hebrew letter gimmel  on the dreidel.
  Of course I had to add insects to her menorah. What a fitting menorah for her.

The best part was the cost. I had to buy to packs of candle holders, the craft board, and the epoxy glue. My total cost was less than $10.00! I had the blocks, dreidels, and the clear finish I sprayed the blocks.

You could buy new blocks if you don't like the blocks looking so beat up. I even seen unpainted wooden blocks at the hobby store. I was tempted to buy them and grab decorated lettering to add on the blocks. Then I would of had to buy paint and other supplies. Using the well loved blocks was just more sentimental. 

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