Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week in Review- Week #22-2012-2013

We are in Sonlight Core D week #22

Scripture Memory this week:

Reviewing all previous scriptures


We have been in the book of  Devarim which is the book of Dueteronomy. We are also doing some studies from," Proverbs People".


We are reading, "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch" by Jean Lee Latham. We also reading "If You Lived in Colonial Times" and "If You Where There When They Signed the Constitution."

For our poetry, "A Child's Introduction To Poetry" by Michael Driscoll  

                                                         Physical Education

Little Man is doing Karate class weekly. The kids are still jumping on the mini trampoline, scooter, and jump roping.

Therapy and Appointments

Bug had speech, occupational, and physical therapy this week. She has been testing in all three. She had tested higher in her occupational skills. In speech she has tested extremely well in several areas except for her sounding out several phonemes. 


Horse Therapy is on hold until next month. We are still waiting to see if she will receive another scholarship. 

                                                  American Indian Prayer Guide
We have been praying and learning about the Crow Indian tribe and there move to Oklahoma. We located the tribe's area on the map and stamped our passports.  
We are currently building a teepee diorama. I was hoping that we could finish it up in two weeks. I think it will be several weeks. The kids are enjoying being creative. We just finished making the teepees and a fire.
History & Geography
We are still studying the Colonial Times after the war. 
The kids are still learning about the Constitution and about the men who wrote the Constitution.

 Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies

Little Man is learning about telling time. He thinks all clocks should be outlawed except for digital one. 

He is also having fun with contractions. He is struggling with the writing concept of them. He can tell me them when I ask him to tell me one. I downloaded an activity that I found on Pinterest. Hopefully that will bring more clarity to him.  

Bug is having a good week. I am seeing more independence with her. She still struggles so much with reading and trying to put sentences, stories, and such on paper. 

We did find another handwriting cursive book for her. Luckily ,I already had it on hand. She is doing the Handwriting Without Tears Cursive. She is adapted well to the change in style. Which she wanted to try doing it there way rather than the traditional cursive.  


This week we have been learning about the digestive system.

We are still plugging along with insects. Amazing how much you can teach on those little critters.

Have a blessed week.  

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