Saturday, February 9, 2013

Horse Therapy

Bug began Horse Therapy again. Boy was she excited to get back in the saddle again.

She will still be riding the same horse, "Honey Bee" at this point. The Therapy center had a new therapy horse yesterday and it got Bug excited and wanting to try a new horse. Which unfortunately she doesn't quite understand that her particular horse has been chosen specifically for her to accommodate her issues.

It still amazes me how the motion of a horse helps her mentally and physically. Last weekend she was playing ball with some friends and she was catching and trowing the ball like the other children. To think that a year ago she couldn't do that. She practices catching a ball while on a moving horse. I don't think many of the children that played ball with her could accomplish that. The therapist told me it is hard.Watching her play ball on a moving horse has brought much joy to this mom's heart.

Bug rides the horse with just a blanket not with a saddle. When she was using the saddle she found a way to use the saddle in her favor and not work her core muscles.

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