Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Etch Glass By Eric Robert Review

Recently I was contacted by Eric and asked if I would review his eBook.

Although I have never etched glass before I accepted his offer. My family enjoys crafting. I thought we would try our hands at glass etching.

My thoughts:

The eBook is written in a way that anyone can understand it. There are twenty four pages broken down in three parts. There are lots of pictures throughout this eBook. I was awed by the endless assortment of what you can do with glass etching.

 I used my favorite dish. The kids at our synagogue every week ask me," if I made brownies." Which I make every week for after Havdalah service. If I miss a week then I get sad faces.
  I used vinyl stick on letters.
 It would of turned out clearer on clear glass but I had to use my favorite dish with the words, yummy and chocolate. The words did get noticed by the kids last week when I brought brownies.
 Little Man tried his hand at it. I didn't have a vinyl stick on instead we used tape and an open stencil.
I can see that a vinyl stick on is necessary. Little Man loved it and had a blast. He didn't care that it wasn't perfect.

I would recommend that you help the kids 100% as the etching material is a chemical.

* Part I: Etching Types
This section goes into varies ways to etch glass. You get a variety of information on how to use cream etching, hydrofluoric acid etching, engraving, and sandblasting. You will also learn of the different chemicals that you can easily purchase at your local hobby store or online.

*Part II: Etching Project Ideas
This section shows you all the possibilities that you can create with glass etching. It shows several pictures of several types of projects. The projects are basic that looks like any layman can create without much skill on glass etching.

*Part III: Glass Etching Tutorials
This section will walk you through step by step on how to etch glass using the varies methods from Step I.

At the beginning of this section it talks about making a stencil, and then applying it to the project step by step.

Helpful ends are added on how to make your etching stand out when using varies methods.

In addition to being able to download the eBook for free, Eric is giving away free etching patterns and other videos.  You can see more of Eric's work on his sites.

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