Saturday, April 13, 2013

Waterworks Fieldtrip

Water, dirt and kids what a fun and exciting field trip! I think the pictures say it all.
 First they played in the museum.

 Some critters that you find in Kansas

I think Bug manged to pump out all the water!

The camera doesn't show it but the water goes through the concrete
Now for the funniest part as we head outside to the ponds to collect whatever your heart desires in the water.
 The boys deciding what to gather and where to get the water from.

 The great catch. We had some small frish, snails, fresh water shrimp, crawdads, and even water insects. Did I mention algae and lots of slimy stuff.
 Next they caught the individual critters and put them in an ice cube tray.
The point of this experiment was to see that life is thriving as a result of the clean up of the underground water aqueducts that got polluted some 60 years ago.
 Bug loved all the mayflies and other waterbugs.
Then we released them back into the pond afterwards. Yes, you are seeing blurry images as I don't put up other kids faces on my blog unless I have permission to do so. 

This was a fun field trip with the kids. It was fun to get together with our homeschool group for the field trip.

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