Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week in Review-Week #26-#32-2012-2013

I am not going to even try to play catch up with my "Week in Review" post

We had two field trips this week. I will post yesterdays on another post.

One was to Exploration Place which is a science museum.We did a class on space with the main focus being on how we have calendars. Both the solar and moon calendar was explained. My kids had fun teaching the teacher about Rosh Chodesh! The new moon on the Hebrew calendar. They made sundials and had a good time.

 I forgot my camera so the kids wanted me to take pictures of their sundails.

Needless to say school has been going good. We have just been extremely busy. I am trying to finish off the year.

Bug only has math left. I am so proud of her and feel that next year we will be able to go into division. Granted I don't know if we will complete all by the end of the year. Even if we don't complete it she will only have a month in her Math U See Gamma.

 We put a hold on her for English and Grammar. I think we are going to stop for the year and next year review. I don't know what happened but she is at a point where I feel we need to  hammer in what she has learned up to date and not try to overload her.

She completed her handwriting for the year on Friday. She has enjoyed learning cursive this past year.

Next year I think I need to work even harder with reading with her. She has really struggled in this area. I am thinking of trying a computer based program. I am feeling pretty desperate as I want her to succeed in this area. She loves books and can't seem to get enough of them when we read to her. Even her little brother reads to her. It's precious to watch and brings me great joy when he reads to her. He loves his sister and is always helping her.

Little Man is doing good in all areas. Even his handwriting has improved a lot.

I am debating on RightStart Math. I have a love hate relationship with it. I see lots of good things from it. The reality is that some concepts I don't get and I am trying to figure out what the point is. I did already buy next years RightStart Math. I don't know I may just get a student book for Math U See. He does good in Math. Sometimes I wonder if its just me with the RightStart. He loves the card games and dislikes other components of it.Sigh!!!!!!!

Have a blessed day.

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