Monday, May 13, 2013

Alef Press Biblical Hebrew A Homeschool Primer Review

Little Man and Daddy are working on some of the liturgy. This particular one is, "Oseh Shalom"
Reading the liturgy was interesting. Little Man knows the words to Oseh Shalom as we sing it every week in our Synagogue.
 Daddy was trying to get him to focus on sounding it out rather than just singing or saying it. So dad had him say each of the sounds separate then go back and sound it out. It worked as he was able to read it rather than go by memory.
Little Man struggles with the oo sound as it throws him off as it is the letter Vav with the vowel point in the letter. He finally got it. Daddy did a great job with him.

Latter on mom worked on writing out some of the liturgy with him. We took turns writing out the words. 

I like how the liturgy is set up. First you read it in English then you have the Hebrew below it. On the following page you have the copy work. It is set up with the Hebrew on top. A space to write the liturgy yourself. The space provided is an adequate space to write it. Underneath you have the Hebrew. All the liturgy in the book is on the CD. The music is slow enough for you to follow along. The words are clearly pronounced.

I love that the liturgy is included in this primer. It really brings a richness to it rather than having to read some text. The liturgy is a big part of the Biblical culture. Thanks for adding the liturgy in this curriculum!

Disclaimer: This curriculum is attended for  ages 9 and up, the author really intending them for Jr. high and high school. A family that uses Hebrew already may be able to use them very well with younger kids, but they are not aimed at most elementary students.

Please keep in mind that my children already know the basics and are ready for reading Biblical Hebrew. They need lots of practice still. Especially Bug who needs extra work in some areas. Little Man has started putting together words with Hebrew with and without out the vowels. Both of my children already know lots of vocabulary due to us hearing it in our Synagogue and from use teaching them those words.  

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book from Alef Press for free in order to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are mine and were not subject to editing from the publisher.

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