Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Would Tell Myself the Day I Found Out My Daughter's Diagnoses

Wow, what a powerful video. This is something that as a mom with a special child I can relate to.


 Then I thought to myself what would I tell myself?
  • It's OK to grieve for your child, it will make you stronger.
  • Seeing the world through Bug's eyes is amazing. She will teach you to appreciate the little things in life
  • You will meet some amazing mom's who are on the same journey. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
  • Your life will never be the same again. So called friends will drift away because your life is not normal anymore. It's okay they aren't going to understand or support you the way you need it.
  • You will meet amazing friends who understand the medical jargon, Dr. appointments, therapy, and the endless schedule with no end in sight. 
  • It's okay when you cry at appointments with like minded moms. They can relate, cry, and laugh during difficult times with you.
  •  It will draw you closer to your Savior and keep you on your knees.
  • Sticks and stones and words do hurt. Don't let the rude comments eat at you. They hurt but, how can they understand. Let them stare and think you are a horrible mom.
  • You are your child's voice. You know your child better than anyone! Don't let the Dr. tell you different.

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