Friday, June 28, 2013

Horse Therapy Open House

The first weekend we got back from Israel we got to go play with the horses. Bug's Horse Therapy Center moved to a different location. In celebration of the new location they had an open house for the families.

It's a wonderful location. The therapy areas are much larger. Bug even has another child doing therapy in the same arena with another therapist. Which is wonderful for those kids who don't socialize with other children. They have a few different arenas.

 I think they said it is on 60 acres. There are trails to do therapy on. The area is lush and green. It's actually in the city but you wouldn't even know it when you are out there. I have drove pass the location lots of times and never realized what was back there. The horses have much more pasture time.
For the life of me I can't think of the horses name. The horse is enjoying a treat of watermelon.
Bug's therapy horse-Honey Bee. Honey Bee is giving her some love.
 There is a lake to fish in. Bug's first time fishing.
Bug was catching them left and right. The lake has perch and catfish. I'm not sure what other kind of fish are stocked in the lake.
 Little Man waited for a bite.
 ...and waited and waited.
Finally is one lone catch of the day. I'm so glad he finally caught something- I was smelling BBQ. He also caught a perch.
 Lots of games to play.

Honey Bee enjoying the day and a little snack.

The only thing the kids were kinda disappointed with is that this year they had no rides on the horses. Little Man was hoping to saddle up. The fishing saved the day.

Have a blessed day. May the Lord bless you and keep you this day.

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