Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Israel Trip

Since we have got home from Israel we hit the road running. Oh my life as been crazy busy. Our first week we came home and had two weddings, appointments, 4-H event for several days, book reviews, and this week is VBS. Not to mention ministry obligations. I don't see a good chunk of time to catch my breath in the next few weeks ! Honestly it's good. I don't think I could handle a slow pace of life-as long as I can have a breather now and then I'm okay.
 We made it. I was so amazed just to see the above sign. I never dreamed I would see Israel.
 We arrived in Israel at dinner time, which was morning time in Kansas! After we ate we heading to the Mediterranean Sea. I love the ocean as I am originally from the east coast by the ocean. It was gorgeous even if we just dipped our toes into the ocean. My mission this night was to locate as many sea shells as I could for the kids!
We watched the sun go down on the Mediterranean Sea.
Tel Aviv from our hotel room.
Our first full day in Israel was in the surrounding area of Tel Aviv. Then we headed to Jaffa and explored Old Jaffa. I was amazed at the old city, windows, doors, and I loved the arches.
 Everywhere you went in the old city you seen tunnels and the the stone walkways.
This cafe was gorgeous. I wish the umbrellas weren't there so you could see this building more. It had this beautiful stone wall with arched windows, flowers and plants all along the wall.
 The port of Jaffa. Jonah boarded a ship to Nineveh somewhere along this port.
Our last visit of the day was Independence Hall were on May 14, 1948 the first Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion signed Israels Declaration of Independence.

After Ben-Gurion read the declaration of independence, a Rabbi recited the Shehecheyanu blessing, and then the Declaration of Independence was signed. The ceremony ended with the singing of Hatikvah, which is now Israel's national anthem.
 This is how I kept track of where we were at with my pictures. I found a sign of the place before I started snapping.
 It amazed me seeing the mosaic tiles from 2,000 years ago! Herod went all out in his places.
 This Colosseum is still used today for events.

My camera broke in Israel the first week. Which was a new compact camera! I was pretty sad over that I may of even pouted a little. Others promised to share with me theirs. I did managed to get a little over 300 pictures. I got over the camera and just started enjoying the sites.

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