Monday, August 19, 2013

Our First Day of School

We started school today. I am so glad to get back into the schedule. I had a little groaning this morning but that was to be expected after the carefree days of summer.
 After looking at this most of the summer and then it just got worst. I even cleaned it up some.
 The kids love the classroom and come up with all kinds of crafts and stuff to do. It ended up being this messy up until last week. Usually I have it organized and cleaned up a few weeks after school ends. Even though I didn't do my usually clean up it is all ready for the......
 1st day of school. Little Man is in 2nd grade and growing up way to fast for my liking.
 Yikes -I have a 5th grader now. She is thrilled to let everyone know she is in 5th grade. She even changed classroom in Shabbat School. Next class will be the youth group.
 All smiles after breakfast and our bible time. Ready to go and start out a new school year.
 We started with an, "All about me" mini book. Lots of fun for the first day of school.
 Bug wanted to add more than needed but that's okay. I will take what I can when it comes to her writing.

I pray that the rest of the week is filled with shalom as today was. We even had therapy this morning.

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