Thursday, August 15, 2013

School Already!

I can't believe that summer vacation is over with. What happened  as it went by so fast.Yikes!!

I am finishing up a few things and planning on starting next week. I look forward to getting back into a set schedule and getting back into my "Week in Review".

A lot of changes are in store this year for our homeschool. I have had to do some big adjustments this year with Bug and her curriculum and just learning in general. It has been a  heart searching time for me and the realities of what her abilities are. A big reality check on my end.

The last few months we have been very busy with specialist and Doctors. Lots of new stuff going on with Bugs medical issues. I am trying to adjust to it all and prepare for it all. I will share it at another time.

I know most of my post have been only reviews lately and I am sorry about that. Now that we are done with all the craziness of this last summer. I am so ready to get back to our normal crazy busy life.

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