Friday, August 23, 2013

Week in Review -Week #1-2013-2014

Our first week of school went well. Granted it always goes smoothly when you are starting of slowly.

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2

Scripture Memory verse is: 

Romans 6:23

 We are reading Psalms 27 for the month of Elul and blowing the shofar every morning. This will be our focus until the Fall Feast begin. 

Read-Out- Louds 
We are reading, "Moccasin Trails" by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw. The kids must be enjoying the book. They pulled out the Wild West, Indians, and army figures have came out to play. Don't quite get the army figures but they are having fun.

The next book goes along with our song we are learning this week. I just happened to remember the book. " The Star-Spangled Banner" by Reading Rainbow. Wonderful illustrations in this book. 

For Poetry we are reading,"The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall. I really don't have an opinion yet as how much I like this poetry book!

Physical and Health Education
Little Man started PE this week. They played games like Snakes and Rabbits. Which is a tag game basically. He had karate and must of worked hard because he came home tired. He learned some new things this week.

Bug isn't doing PE as she is having lots of issues with her joints and every other week she has an appointment during PE time. Grandpa is helping me out and taking Little Man when Bug has to be at her appointment.

Both kids are learning about the body. With Little Man I am reading, "Before I Was Born" by Carolyn Nystrom. 

Out of my son's hearing Bug is doing," The Care  & Keeping of You The Body Book for Girls" by American Girls.
Therapy and Appointments

Bug had a full week of speech, occupational, and physical therapy. She has completed a lot of test in all the therapies to see where she is at. Which doesn't surprise me the out come. She tested half her age in all of her abilities. Speech was higher compared to the others.
Horse Therapy starts in September. She is gnawing at the bit and ready to get back on the saddle.

History and Geography

For history we are reading the biography of William Wilberforce God's Politician. He did a lot for the people in Britian and also for slave trade in the country.
My kids still like coloring so we colored a picture of a southern plantation. I know two different countries but it just fit with the theme of the week.

We found the Britian, France, and Africa on our map then stamped our passports.

Language Arts and Math

Little Man started on Bob Jones Grammar and Writing and so far he likes it. He wasn't so happy when I didn't have the Horizon Phonics and Reading at first. I can breathe easier for now. 

We are going back over All About Spelling 1 with him as last year it was a hit and miss area with him. I think he will go through it quickly. 

Bug loves Reading Eggs. I wish I would of done this last year with her. Little Man is a bit envious and so next month we are going to sign him for it also. He has been reading around 15 minutes as day to me. He does well with reading.

Math is just warm up so far. We had to go over place value with Little Man again. Funny how the summer makes them forget stuff.

Bug is working on money and ordinal numbers so far.


We started Nancy Larson Science this year. The kids are learning what scientist do and we are focusing on what a Developmental Scientist does so far. The program is very user friendly.
Hebrew, Art, and Misc. Studies

This being the first week I haven't started any Hebrew yet. I like to try and get into a schedule before I add the electives.

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