Friday, August 30, 2013

Week in Review -Week #2-2013-2014

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2

Scripture Memory verse is: 

Psalms 100

This has been a busy week and Bug has been under the weather a bit off an on. So we had some shorter days and we just curled up on the couch and read a lot.Today Bug is trowing up so schools out today and I decided to let Little Man off the hook today. Although I am still reading our read-out-loud today.


 We are reading Psalms 27 for the month of Elul and blowing the shofar every morning. This will be our focus until the Fall Feast begin. This week we focused on forgiveness and if we have hurt anyone or have been hurt by others. That this is a time to search ourselves and to take care of it so we can be right before Ha Shem. (God).
We started reading "Starting Strong" by Paula Rinehart. I have chose not to do all the activities in the book and instead just read and discuss the scriptures.

Read-Out- Louds 

We are still reading, "Moccasin Trails" by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw. My kids are really enjoying this book and we have had some good discussions on the book. I have had to change a few words while reading the book. I don't like how some things are worded and some feel close to swearing and using God's name. It's been given a thumbs up by the kids. They like the adventure.

We finished reading William Wilberforce this week. I skipped some of the chapters as it was just talking about politics and things that I didn't think my kids would understand or be interested in.
Our favorite series which we have a lot of this year. Thanks to a dear friend who let me borrow them. I would love to have my own set. We started reading "You wouldn't want to Be A Civil War Soldier! A War You'd Rather Not Fight" by Thomas Ratliff.

For Poetry we are reading,"The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall. 
Physical and Health Education

Grandpa took Little Man to PE this week. He played dodge ball in class. He also had Karate this week.

I am reading "Before I Was Born" by Carolyn Nystrom with Little Man. 

For  Bug " The Care  & Keeping of You The Body Book for Girls" by American Girls. This week we are focusing on the head and basic hair hygiene.

Therapy and Appointments

Bug only had speech therapy this week. I canceled the other therapies for other appointments. 

We had a busy week with doctor's and a dentist appointment.  

We had a surprise this week with Horse Therapy. Bug got to go ride before the season begins. She got asked if she would help one the therapist make a video of her training Bug so she could her certification. Now Bug thinks she is a movie star! Horse Therapy doesn't start until the 2nd week in September.
History and Geography

We had fun mapping the course of Moccasin Trails on our map and then doing our passport book. If you are interested in making a passport book yourself you can read my post here and see what we do. My kids absolutely love this and is one of their favorite things every year.

Slavery was a big topic this week along with the start of the Civil War. My kids decided that they would chose to fight for the good guys and help end slavery!

I had some History Pocket activities planned but with it being such a busy week I choose to not worry about it.

Language Arts and Math

Bug this week is learning how to make change and other things with money. I really need to update you all on Bug and schooling this year.

She is having a lot of fun with Reading Eggs and can't wait to do it everyday. I may look for and online math program for her later in the year when we have more funds available.

Little Man is reviewing math facts and we are doing a mixture of RighStart Math and Math U See this year. 

For grammar he is learning punctuation, capitalizing, and some sentence structure. 

For his reading I am pulling different scholastic books off the shelf and he is reading them to me. Other than that I have him read alone around 10-15 minutes a day.


We finished up our unit on Developmental Scientist. The kids each have their own notebook that they have to work on. I like the ease of Nancy Larson Science it is fitting our schedule this year and it is so easy to do. 
Hebrew, Art, and Misc. Studies
 Image 1
We started Hebrew this week. I have been given the opportunity to review Cap It! Hebrew Reading. I am doing level 1 with Bug. This is such an easy program for teaching Hebrew. I will write about it more and give you my thoughts on it later. 

The important thing is that it's fun. Bug doesn't want to stop and if she had it her way would do the whole workbook.That isn't going to happen.

Little Man is still doing Alef Press Biblical Hebrew with Daddy. Mom starting doing Aleph Champ with him. He is now not wanting to do Aleph Champ  --- as he is envious of Bug's Hebrew program. He is already reading some he just needs lots of practice and to learn the vowels better. So I relented and worked with him with the Cap It! Hebrew Reading. 
I just feel that he is for the most part beyond this level 1 in Cap It!. I will see how this plays out as I was not expecting this with him!

Have a blessed week.

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