Friday, September 6, 2013

Week in Review -Week #3-2013-2014

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2 

Scripture Memory verse is: 

Psalms 100
This has been a short week with the fall feast, this week being Rosh Hashanah. Daddy was off on Labor day. We had no appointments this week which helped out. 


 Our focus this week has been on the binding of Isaac. We have done several activities around Rosh Hashanah.

One book that I read with the Holidays is "Jewish Days and Holidays." by Greer Fay Cashman.

 Every year in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur I have the kids write notes to themselves.

 We then seal it up. No one knows what is inside the other persons envelope. Except mom may help them with some spelling if needed.

Last year I put in my note  that I want to spend more time reading my bible and praying, and other things I would like to improve this coming year.

The kids opened up theirs and reviewed last years note. They told me that they still need some work in areas and others they have done much better. It's been an interesting way to  examine ourselves yearly. Next week we will write a new one for 2014.

 We made a mobile for Rosh Hashanah. He is always playing around.

 Pink of course for Bug.

  We hung up the mobiles in the classroom. It's by the air vent and twirls around a lot.
We reading "Starting Strong" by Paula Rinehart. I have chose not to do all the activities in the book and instead just read and discuss the scriptures.

Read-Out- Louds 
We are still reading, "Moccasin Trails" by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw. 

We finished reading "You wouldn't want to Be A Civil War Soldier! A War You'd Rather Not Fight" by Thomas Ratliff.
For Poetry we are reading,"The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall.  
Physical and Health Education
Little Man played soccer this week during PE. He had no Karate this week due to Rosh Hashanah

Bug had fun playing on the playground and climbing a lot on the equipment.
Therapy and Appointments
No therapy this week and an appointment free week. We are saving it up for next week which will be crazy.
History and Geography
We are learning about the Civil War. Lots of civil war activities this week.  I am using a lot of History Pockets activities. I'll show it in pictures.

 Civil War timeline

 Some basic facts about the Civil War.

 Little Man enjoyed the soldiers and coloring them. Afterwards he pulled out the Civil War figures and did what boys do, "play war".
 We also learned about Thomas Jefferson and so we made did a toilet paper roll craft of him.
 Lots of fun. I am sure Thomas Jefferson would love his pink and purple rainbow clothes.
We worked on our Sonlight timeline book. It is filling up fast after the last few years.

Language Arts and Math

With a shorter week I played grocery store with the kids. They had to stay in budget and pay for the items. We took turns being the cashier. Bug actually did very well. Little Man got frustrated making change. Something to keep in mind to work with for him. He knows how to count it just not how to make change. 

 Little Man and me played some of the cards games with RightStart Math.

No science this week. I put it on hold with only 3 days of school. Entomology is never on hold in my house as we always have insects to pin.  My Bug is way to crazy about them.
 This is a very small insect. If you look it is on a pin point which we glue the insect on. The picture is taken with a digital microscope. Now we get to identify it.
 We are trying to figure out if this is a snout beetle or a weevil.This one is giving us some trouble identifying.
 A fly which we haven't had a chance to identify yet.
 Another small insect. We think a type of flea beetle.
 An ant that I can't identify.
We have lots of fun with the digital microscope. Not only is it fun but it helps identifying them. So if you recognize any of the insects them don't be shy.
Hebrew, Art, and Misc. Studies
 Image 1
 Bug is working hard this week with Hebrew. I am really enjoying Cap It! Hebrew Reading. Level 1. The best part is that she is really enjoying it. She has found a favorite sound and action in the book. It's the ayin letter. She walked around today doing it a lot. I think she is driving her brother a little batty!
With this sound you, "clip your lips" because this letter has no sound. Her fingers makes the עletter- except she should be using her right hand to make the letter go in the right direction.  Her arthritis was flared up on the right hand so the left hand it is!

I am reviewing with Little Man all his sounds and vowels with Cap It! Hebrew Reading. Level 1. He is doing good and I suspect that he will be done next week and ready to get back into reading again.

Have a blessed week.

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