Friday, September 20, 2013

Week in Review -Week #5-2013-2014

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2 

Scripture Memory verse is: 
Review of previously learned scriptures

We had another very busy week in appointments and with Sukkot activities. Bug had an appointment every day except today.


This week we read some books about Sukkot. One book that I read with the Holidays is "Jewish Days and Holidays." by Greer Fay Cashman.

 We are in the book of Kings and reading about David’s reign.

We attempted to make some paper mache etrog for Sukkot. They didn’t dry quick enough. So they may be ready by the end of Sukkot or maybe next Sukkot.
 Yep, it was a messy affair.
Now its time to let them dry out with all the goop they put on them. 
Read-Out- Louds

We are still reading, "Moccasin Trails" by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw. 

We are reading "You wouldn't want to Be A Pony Express Rider!” by Tom Ratliff.
For Poetry we are reading,"The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall.
Physical and Health Education

Little Man played flag football this week during PE. He also had Karate this week.
Bug had fun watching the squirrels and insects.

Therapy and Appointments

Bug had her therapy this week and a lot of other appointments. Mom had her breaks replaced on her van.

Horse Therapy had a western theme this week. Bug had fun with the help of Little Man’s cowboy gear he let her use.
 All she is missing is her horse and the cowboy hat that mom left on the table while running out the door.
 So the cowboy hat wouldn't of lasted to long with her needing to put on a helmet. Neither did her lasso and sidearm make it on the horse.(Which we already knew it was more for show and tell).
 She worked hard in therapy.
 Even though its hard work it is a lot of fun.

History and Geography

We are still learning about the Civil War and the pony express.

For the pony express we played a game of delivering mail. We were fresh out of horses and ponies on sticks (which mom was supposed to buy) so we had relay races and galloped back and forth in the basement delivering mail.

We just started an introduction on the gold rush.

Language Arts and Math

  Lots of RightStart Math games with both kids this week. They both did all their scheduled math this week. I don't know how we get things done some weeks when it feels so busy.
Language Arts we read a book by "Grammar Tales" on nouns called, "Chicken in the City" by Maria Fleming. The kids are both doing good in Language Arts. 

No science at home this week. We had a class on Ooze, Puss and Snot at our local science center. They learned about the not-so-glamorous side of the human body. As you can imagine it was a big hit and a crowded class.
 They made something that was was close to the texture of snot.
 It was kinda gross.
 Then they learned how our hair nose help keep germs at bay. 
Lots of discussions on all things gross.
 Next topic was germs and how we contact all those nasty germs. They all got some glowing hair gel.
 Pretty cool stuff if your a boy and like all things gross.
 Bug didn't do a great job with washing her hands so she had to go do it again.
And again.
If you can see the screen it is of someone sneezing and snot going all over.
Little Man had to go wash three times.The black light kept glowing with green glowing hair gel.

Don't quite remember what he was making the face over but I couldn't resist posting the picture. So typical of Little Man with his facial reactions 
 Next topic was our blood, scabs and other bodily fluids and how it defends us from junk. Each group had a stuffed animal of certain elements in the body. My kids got the T4 (if I remember correctly). Others got white blood cells, plasma, and other items. They had to read about it and share with the group what they learned.
 Isn't it kinda cute as a stuffed animal?
Next was blood types. They got lots of information on our blood and had a few experiments on the blood using food coloring, milk, and vinegar.

 These classes are always a lot of fun. Last year the science center started offering classes for the homeschool community.
 Bug had Entomology this week. After the fair we always have beetle races.
 The winner is the beetle who reaches the determined ending point first. This year the beetles are not very lively. Maybe it's all the rain.
 First place went to the beetle outside of the square on the other end.
Bug was trying to get her beetle to move it a little faster.

Hebrew, Art, and Misc. Studies

 Image 1
Bug is doing Hebrew with Cap It! Hebrew Reading. Level 1. She is reviewing the sounds for me.
Little Man knows all the sounds. I still make him review. He will be starting Cap IT! Learn to Read Hebrew Level 2

Have a blessed week.

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