Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cowboy Silhouette Craft

The kids are studying about cowboys, and the cattle drive. I found this real neat craft for the kids. This is the link to where I found the craft.

The supplies that you need are as follows:

Cowboy Template*
• Coffee filter
• Food coloring- orange, yellow, and red

• Wax Paper
• Dropper or straw
• Paper plate
• Glue Stick
• Scissors 

Th kids had fun watching the coffee filters transform into the many different colors. We also used a craft stick to smear around the colors.
We let them dry overnight.
It would of been fun to put some rope around the edges of the plate. Like I said in a previous post I would love to Modge Podge  this silhouette on a piece of wood or an old piece of fence wood. No wood available-unfortunately.

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