Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zoo Field Trip

A few weeks ago we had a field trip to the zoo with a friend. It was a nice diversion for Bug as it was the beginning of Ann's medical testing fiasco going on.

 My kids always love the fish and ducks.
 This peacock was on a picnic table with lots of others around the base of the table.
 These baby ducks already got the art of begging down. They kept running to the feeding machine every time someone was close to it. Aren't they adorable!
 Bird house is always a big hit.
 Little Man told me this, "guy needs a hair cut!"
 This was me taking a picture between the waterfall.
 The smile of a good day!
 Bug was fasting all day and she did great since her mind was busy with the animals.
 She was amused that her pants looked like a zebra.
 Mom liked the big kitty cats.
She was very active and we had perfect weather.
 This zebra was less than a month old.
The end of a wonderful day. Bug was starting a head ache and ready to go home.

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