Monday, November 4, 2013

Keeping a Praying Mantis as a Pet

Bug got a Praying Mantis as a pet for her birthday. It's a female Carolina Mantis.
 She has already changed colors for the fall. Bug named her Rose.
 Rose is an interesting name considering how deadly mantis are to other insects. I thought of the thorn on the rose bush. Ouch if you are food to the mantis
I used an old fish tank. The tank is rather large so we added several large sticks so she can reach her prey all around the tank. Every few days we add in fresh grass and leaves. You also need to keep the cage humid. So we spray it with a spray bottle every day.

They are fascinating insects that make an interesting pet. Watching her hunt her prey is interesting. They are extremely curious and seem almost playful. 

Everyday we have to catch insects for her. They like their food alive. When it gets cold I suspect we will have to buy feeder crickets.Too bad they don't eat insects dead as we have a freezer full for Bug and her entomology.

The life cycle of a praying mantis is only about one year. I am not sure how old she is so I suspect we will have a few months with her.

Bug is thrilled with her gift.


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