Friday, November 8, 2013

Week in Review -Week #12-2013-2014

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2
Scripture memory verse is:


We are finishing up the book of II Samuel


Read- out- Louds

This week we are reading, The Paint Brush Kid" by Clyde Robert Bulla. 
At the kids request we are reading, "Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure" by William McCay.

For Poetry we are reading, "The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall.

Physical and Health Education

Little Man had PE thanks to grandpa coming and picking him up across town on a super busy morning of appointments. I didn't think PE was going to happen because the appointment was going longer than we thought it would. Grandpa decided to come to our location and take him to class. He played line tag, ran around the track, push ups, and a few other activities.
Little Man had karate this week and he came home with a well earned yellow belt. He is pretty proud of himself! I wasn't with him when he received his yellow belt and he was already in bed when I got home. He woke up and put on his karate suite to surprise me.

Therapy and Appointments

Bug had no speech, occupational, or physical therapy this week. We have had a lot of appointments and lots of decisions to make concerning her health.

Horse therapy started this week much to Bug's delight. She is riding independently with just one spotter. She has done well with guiding the horse by herself.

History and Geography

  We are learning about the 1849 Gold Rush. We watched a video about how to pan for gold. The kids thought it was pretty neat. We will see if we have time to pan for gold with the craft I created. I also found an educational video about the 1849 gold rush that we enjoyed

This week we also learned about the many inventions that changed America. Everything from the light bulb, sewing machine, and the Ford Model T. This was a popular week for YouTube and the History Channel with videos. We watched one on Henry Ford.

                                                    Language Arts and Math

Little Man started cursive this week. He was a bit frustrated with the whole process and would prefer to stay with manuscript. I pulled out the iPad and did some Apps on cursive writing to lessen the pain! Amazing the power of the iPad! 

Math was pretty much workbooks this week for the kids. I think they did more school this week in waiting rooms then at home. The good thing is that it got accomplished.

Bug is doing well in all areas overall and is still showing much more improvement in independent work like math, and handwriting. As long as it doesn't require much reading she can usually figure it out by herself. 

I have been terrible at spelling this year. It just hasn't happened. Not attended but that's just how this year is going.


No formal science this week. It was more teaching about things that we see while looking out a window our walking from point A to B. We would pick up leaves and I would ask them, "what kind of a tree does this come from"? Our we would just observe the beautiful colors of Fall and be amazed at God's creation. Just observing and taking in the wonderful works of our Creator God.

One thing that did come up during our reading this week was the 'Aurora Borealis', the lights of the northern hemisphere. We found a few videos online and learned a few basic facts about them. More of a spontaneous learning moment. Then I let the kids watch the movie, "Balto" which has a scene about the Aurora Borealis. 

                                                 Hebrew, Art, and Misc. Studies

Little Man was extremely motivated this week to do Hebrew and so we loaded up our Hebrew program Cap IT! Level 2 into the backpack. He actually did more Hebrew lessons this week then I would of at home. Probably because we didn't do some of our regular subjects like science and mapping and such. He is on Lesson 34. We had quite a few looks with the toys in the various settings this week while teaching Hebrew. It was fun and I had a few curious folks asking about Cap IT!. 
 Image 1
I was suppose to begin Cap IT! Level 2 with Bug this week. I prefer to teach her in a more closed setting when something is new. I did bring along our flash cards for her from Cap IT! Level 1 and we did some review. She even wanted to impress her Doctor with her knowledge of Hebrew. It was quite adorable listening to her show the Doctor and inform him, "how easy Hebrew is to learn".   

We also had a field trip this week. Not quite an educational one more like a fun no nonsense field trip. We went to Chick-Fil-A and toured the facility and had a yummy lunch.
Are you hungry yet? It's only 10:00 and I am ready for a chicken sandwich.
 We toured the kitchen and learned the history of Chick-Fil-A and then we ordered some food.
Bug was delighted with the ice cream cone while we enjoyed chicken.

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