Friday, December 6, 2013

Week in Review -Week #15-16-2013-2014

I hope every one had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. We just took two days off of school for Thanksgiving. Daddy was home and so it was a good time to enjoy family and celebrate the Messiah Yeshua during the Hanukkah season.

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2

Scripture Memory verse:
Psalms 1


We are in the book of Kings:

We finished up King Solomon life and are beginning to learn about the prophet Elijah.

Read out Louds

We finished reading, "You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Railroad! A Track You'd Rather Not Go Down." by Ian Graham.

We finished reading, "If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island" by Ellen Levine

We started Reading, "The Great Wheel" by Robert Lawson.

We have read countless books for Hanukkah and Thanksgiving.

We are doing a unit on bridges so we read, "Bridges" by Ken Robbins and "Cross a Bridge" by Ryan Ann Hunter.

  Physical and Health Education

Little Man has had PE and Karate during the last two weeks. They have been playing kickball for PE. Little Man has really enjoyed kickball and wants mom to play it with him at home!

Therapy and Appointments

We had our fair share of all considering the holidays. Mom canceled some this last week so I can catch a breathe and finish up some much needed things around the house and a wee bit of sleep was needed for everyone.

They adjusted Bugs horse therapy earlier in the week since the weather  changed so drastically. Next week horse therapy may not happen. It looks like its going to stay in the 20's  for awhile. Bug did get to ride Honey Bee this week instead of Dixie. She was delighted to see her old friend.

History and Geograpy

We did a study on the history on the origins of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. I like to recap the events and let the kids know why we do what we do.

Other than that the kids have learned about many different things these last two weeks. For a quick recap we studied the telegraph, first postal stamp, postal service, printing press, bridges, and I am sure I am overlooking other things we have hit on.
 What's a bridge without trucks? He was thrilled it could fit two trucks for each direction!
We had a lot of fun making our bridges. It was a simple craft and the kids thought mom was pretty cool. I found this craft on Pinterest. We are making a suspension bridge that will be done next week.

Language Arts and Math

Bug has been going over nouns, verbs, and compound words. She is also reviewing sentence structures.

She has been doing wonderful in math. She has surprised me with her accuracy and hasn't been making many mistakes. Maybe she is turning the corner in that area and I can focus on other areas in math with her.  

Little Man hates cursive and almost goes into tears when he sees the worksheet. I hope this passes quickly as this is so unlike him. He does like it when I let him do it on the iPad.

I need to make time for some addition facts for him. I haven't planned anything in our schedule lately. It's showing on the new facts. It's so hard to do those when you have so many appointments and school in varies locations. 

Little Man is learning about  verbs and when to add an "s","es" or "ed" to a verb and special verbs.


Hmm- I don't know where it went these last two weeks. Yep, we didn't do any at all. I honestly love science and it's one of my favorite subjects. My kids like it just as much. Sigh!

                                                   Hebrew, Art, and Misc Studies

This has been a week of review with our Hebrew vocabulary for Little Man. He has been doing a whole lot of reading with Hebrew. I think he is going to pass mom's up and have to start teaching me. Bug is coming along with her lesson in Cap IT!. She loves all the toys that we bring out for each lesson.

For art we have been doing a few Hanukkah crafts and drawing some.

We also played a lot of the game of dreidels the last two weeks. 


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