Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 Years Old

My baby turned 8 last month. We just had the family over for his big day. He didn't want to buy a cake this year. He wanted to make a cake with mom and decorate it himself. He told me that, "he wanted a cake that was delicious and that mom's cake is much tastier!"

I thank the Lord for blessing me with my son. He has been such a blessing. He has a big heart and even though his sister is 3 years older than him he is the big brother. He helps her out in so many ways and his compassion towards her is amazing. Not to mention how much he helps me out with lots of things.
I was looking at the pictures of him since I began blogging. Wow! My baby has grown.
 This boy use to be able to fall asleep anywhere. Now, getting him to sleep is difficult!
His first story he wrote during school.
They grow up so fast. I am so thankful for this Little Man.

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