Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bug's Growing Entomology Collection

Bug's entomology collection is growing. I still haven't figured out how to fit so many insects in a box as of yet. Even though I see it done all the time.
We are not quite sure how this Female Polyphemis Moth will come out. Somehow my freezer got turned up extremely high. Even after hydrating her we had wing breakage on the top right side. I used gel super glue to attach it. (Glue is used often on insects with pinning) We will see when we remove the pins. Hopefully, the glue didn't get into the styro foam or she is history. I always struggle helping Bug pin insects that feel fury. Maybe because it reminds me of a dog or something? I don't know why as we pin lots of insects. The other one is I dread is the cockroach's! I can do dung beetles and even carrion beetles which both are extremely disgusting because of the disgusting things they do.

This is one of the larger moths in North American with an average wingspan of 6 inches. You can read more about this moth on this page. She belongs to the family of Saturndiidae.
 This is a Female Common True Katydid. Bug was excited to add this to her collection with her other Katydids.
They are very loud insects. You can learn more about them and hear what they sound like on this site, "Songs of Insects".

Have a blessed day.

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