Wednesday, January 29, 2014

City Arts Field Trip

Last week the kids went on a field trip at City Arts, which has all kinds of classes of various crafts for all ages. My kids absolutely love going to City Arts. Last year we did a homeschool class with them. I would love to keep doing it if we didn't have such a crazy schedule already.

 The kids learned how to weave with yarn. 
Next they showed us what can be down with weaving. We learned that City Arts makes their own thread, and dyes it. Wow, some beautiful creations in this room! This sounds like a class I would enjoy. 
Jewelry making. Bug was rather impressed with this area.
The kids loved the pottery making. We even seen a familiar name of someone we know on this wall. That night the kids got to tell her they seen her creations! Gorgeous!
Glass blowing.
The kids got to make their own sun catcher with with "tesserae". We learned some new vocabulary. Mom, got to participate in all the crafts with the kids. The one on the top is Bug's creation which is a flower on the right side. The bottom left is a bee leaving the flower with the sun overhead. Little Man made a turtle on the bottom left. Mom created a flower.
Lastly, we made a Japanese lantern. Bug of course created one with insects. Little Man went for the dragon and scenery background. Mom made a sunflower which isn't shown.

We had a fun five hours of arts and crafts.

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