Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week in Review -Week #20-2013-2014

Daddy has been home this last week so we had a limited week of school. We mostly worked on the basics. Daddy also got involved in some subjects with the kids.

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2

Scripture Memory Verse is:

We are reviewing all previous learned verses. 


We are still working our way through the book of II Kings. Then I am doing a study with the kids from a book called, "God's Puzzle".


We finished reading, "Helen Keller" by Margaret Davidson

I didn't start any other books or do any poetry this week.

Physical and Health Education

No formal classed this week. The kids played outside in the freezing cold and had fun in the snow. I prefer a nice warm house! 

Therapy and Appointments

Bug only had Speech Therapy this week. It's always nice to just stay home. It's horrible trying to get back into our busy schedule after so much time off. Then again schedule is so important and it has been a part of our lives since Bug was 3 yrs old. The kids get cabin fever.

 History and Geography

We just started to learn about War World I. Little Man has been waiting for this day since he first seen the book on the subject. He soaked it in like a giant sponge. 

Bug was more interested in seeing the maps and wanting to find all the countries. She did share with Daddy some of the statistics of the war. Kids always amaze me with what information they pick up.

We watched some videos from YouTube on some of the weapons that were used during the war.

We stamped our passports and located the countries on the map.

Language Arts and Math

I had a big review this last week with both kids over the phonemes. I like to make sure the kids can recognize the sounds and can name them. We play lots of games and make it fun.

Little Man is still working on money and math facts. 

Bug is reviewing measurements and math facts.


We are still learning about inventions.

We have also been learning about honey bees and the hives. Lots of pinning insects have been going on around here.

Hebrew, Art, and Misc.. Studies

Daddy took over Hebrew this last week with Little Man. They have been reading out of the Siddur and working with the Cap IT! Hebrew program. Daddy is much more proficient at Hebrew than I am so I really enjoy it when he does it with Little Man.

Bug had a week off in Hebrew. 

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