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Week in Review -Week #22-2013-2014

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2

Scripture Memory Verse:

We are reviewing all previous learned scripture verses. We are also working on learning the order of the books of Bible.


We are studying the Bible using, "God's Puzzle". 

We also learned about Tu B'Shevat and did a mini book.

Read out Louds

We haven't started a new read out loud this week.

For Poetry we are reading, "The Oxford Illustrated Book of American's Children's Poems" by Donald Hall.

Physical and Health Education

Little Man is learning the skills of basketball in PE this last week.

He is still plugging away at his karate. He prefers to do it in class rather than practice at home. He needed some work on his kicking height and stretching. It's just not as fun at home. We are also going over some vocabulary terms to help prepare him of his orange belt. We did it by trowing a ball back and forth to each other.

Little Man also got a chance to go ice skating this week with a friend. I wasn't with him or there would of been pictures! I like pictures as y'all can tell.
Both kids went roller skating and had fun when friends showed up at our door to go with them.
Therapy and Appointments

We are now back on full schedule after the winter break. Bug had speech, physical, occupational, and food therapy this week. We did have her life skills therapy canceled.
Bug is back in the saddle again this week. Not only is she in the saddle but, she had a big saddle to mount this week! She has a new horse named Rascal he is 9 years old. They sold Bug's last horse Dixie at the therapy riding center.

Bug and I also got to record an interview with our local Children's Miracle Network this week for their annual radio-ton at the end of February. We will also go back and do a live interview when it's time for the fund raiser. The local radio stations always make the kids feel so special in the studios. It amazes me how they remember so many of the kids every year. Bug loves going into the rooms with all the equipment and micro-phones.

History and Geography

We are still learning about World War I. This week we learned about some of the different battles.

The kids were pretty intrigued with the Zeppelin balloon. We found a video on YouTube and had fun seeing them on video and learning about the inventor.

We also learned about the Red Baron and made an airplane craft for it. 
Air plane craft kids
Language Arts and Math

Bug is still recovering from her being sick last week so she got off pretty light this week in her studies. I have found that Bug just doesn't function with certain things when she is getting over colds and such. I don't know if it's part of her learning disabilities or sensory issues but, it's not worth the fight. She did go over measurements, calendar review, geometric shapes, and multiplication. 

For language arts she did some basic fill in the blank worksheets and did her cursive work.

Little Man I put on hold with his curriculum and we are reviewing math facts hard. I really struggle finding a right mix for the kids in this area at times. He is still working on money and I think he has money down really good. Next will be making change and such.

He is learning research skills like using a card catalog, dictionary, and a phone book. I really like Bob Jones English and Grammar. It covers things I wouldn't of thought of myself.


In science the kids are Zoologist and learning about animal habitats this week. 

Bug had entomology this week so we have been identifying and pinning insects this last week.

The kids have been asking me about experiments as we have slacked in that area this year. I need to get on the ball in that area as the year is almost over.

Hebrew, Art, and Misc.. Studies
 Cap IT! Read Fluent Hebrew Siddur Level 3.
Little Man started using Cap IT! Read Fluent Hebrew Siddur Level 3.  He is really enjoying this level. He likes writing the sentences and reading portions of the Siddur. He translates the Hebrew into English right away with the power cards.

Little Man is also learning the piano with Kinderbach. I am doing a review for it with the TOS Crew. It will be a few weeks out so watch for it. This is our first week doing it.

Both kids had their monthly 4-H club meeting thanks to dad for taking them this month. Mom had a conflict in my schedule.

We went to our first photography class this week with 4-H. It was just an overall basic introduction finding out experiences and what the kids know about photography. I think this will be a fun class for them. He is going to teach the kids the functions on their cameras. Yea, maybe mom will learn also.

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