Monday, February 17, 2014

Beekeeping and Classes

A few weeks back I started in a Beginning Beekeepers class through our local parks and recreation center here in Wichita. Bug was not able to attend because of the age needing to be 18+. She was pretty sad about that but, understands. I have to fill her in the next day on everything we learn.
 Bug's first time going into a hive. The day she fell in love with the idea of being a beekeeper.
It may be possible for us to start a hive this year. I am still working on the funds to get it all together to buy the hive itself. We applied for a scholarship but, didn't get it. I also may be too late to order bees. The instructor is a swarm catcher here in Wichita and surrounding area. He can get us some bees by catching a swarm.

 Part of me says yikes! The thought of being a beekeeper has me with all kinds of feelings. I'm crazy, can I do this, and so on. This is for Bug and I know that because of her I can do it with her. I have been in many hives so far. I know I can do it. The truth is somewhere along the way of taking her to various beekeepers, reading her books, and watching YouTube videos on beekeeping I think I fell in love with the idea. It made me see how amazing our God is. How amazing and crucial bees are to our world.

My plans for Bug is to not  let her disability stop her from her dreams. I don't know what God has in store for her future. I don't foresee her being able to go to college. In no way am I not going to strive for it. She wants to be an entomologist. She will most likely need help with the rest of her life. If she can never fulfill that dream then she will always have her bees. The reality is also that the possibilities for her being on disability is very likely. Maybe she can make something out of her bees. I want her to learn how to process the honey and the comb hone. Teach her how to make soap, lip balm, candles, and the other things you can make with having a beehive. Nothing big but something to still give her joy with all the insects she loves. To build her confidence in what she can do. Even if the money is just to support herself as a hobbyist beekeeper. I want her to feel like she can accomplish anything in an area that she is passionate about. Bug is really good with insects and can tell you a lot about them. Who knows maybe one day she can travel the country and be the Honey Bee Princess and teach others about it. She already teachers anyone who will give her an ear with insects.

My prayer as a mom is that she can have joy in this life and be satisfied with this time we have here on earth and when she get to the end her Savior can say, "Well done thy faithful servant"! Along the way she can still play with her insects!

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