Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sensory Processing Disorder Overload For Bug

It's been awhile since I have talked about Sensory Processing Disorder and how it affects Bug. It is still an ongoing daily issue. This last two weeks have been complete overload. I don't know if our quick trip to Colorado overwhelmed her or if she is just having a bad time overall. Her sleeping has been horrible with her waking up all the time.

Trying to get socks, shoes, and clothes on her has been an uphill battle. Shoes and socks have been the worst. We have been having a lot of snow, and cold weather. Every time we get in the car they come off and then we are standing in temperatures in the teens trying to get them on with her melting down. Or we are trying to leave the house and she keeps taking them off. This goes back and forth a few times before mom gets her to keep them on.

 I even went out and bought her some new shoes and socks yesterday that was a size bigger. Then she couldn't handle the shoes being so stiff.

Bug has been loving going roller skating every month without any issues. Last night she couldn't handle the skates, the noise, or the lights.
Some weeks I just feel overwhelmed and this has been me for the last two weeks. My heart goes out to her. It just seems like she has nails going into her skin. I can't imagine what she feels like but, when I look in her sweet face I know that it's painful, overwhelming, and she just doesn't know how to express herself.

I am trying to increase her sensory diet but, even that has been more difficult than normal with her.

I just need prayer and a good night sleep or two.

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