Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week in Review -Week #28-2013-2014

 We are in Sonlight American History Part 2

Scripture Memory Verse

Reviewing all previously learned scripture


We are still reading the book of Daniel. We are working on a workbook called, "God's Puzzle".

Read out Louds

We are reading "A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt" by C. Coco De Young

For poetry we are reading, " The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall

Physical and Health Education

Little Man had Karate and PE this week. 

 Therapy and Appointments

We didn't have any doctor appointments this week. Bug did have speech, occupational, physical, food, and life skills therapy this week.

Bug ate a raw carrot with ranch dressing and a few ravioli's this week. That's big for her. She had a hard time with both. She does a little of her food therapy at home for homework. The reality is that she does so much better when she is with the therapist. She still doesn't want to change her diet at home. It is going to be a slow process.

 History and Geography

This week we started out with Germany invaded Poland and we ended with Japan attacking Pearl Harbor. We learned about some of the different battles in the war. We also looked at how it effected civilians life and the toll that war had on their lives.

We found all of locations on the map and stamped our passport. We did our timeline history book.

Language Arts and Math

Little Man finished up his money workbook this last week. He is doing well in math. 

Language Arts he is learning how to write and address a letter. He is preparing a letter for someone in our congregation who has cancer.

Bug finished her Language Arts workbook. She has been doing a lot of handwriting this week without her arthritis flaring up too much. She also finished her math workbook. I found some old ones that we didn't complete in the pass. I'm glad  I saved them as they will get her through the rest of the year.


We didn't have any time do any experiments this week with our Amazing Science DVD Volume 1. I had the kids watch a couple of lessons and they are deciding which experiment they want to do next.
Building a beehive
Bug was curious about how some parts of her Beehive goes together so I let her see how the frames go together. We didn't use the glue or nails but she had fun putting them together. She is getting excited for her beehive.
Hebrew, Art, and Misc.. Studies

Little Man is working on his Hebrew and still doing well. Bug is learning Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew and trying to remember it. She's not doing bad.
 Bug and I went on the radio live this week for our local Children's Miracle Network Radiothon. This is such a neat organization. If you have never considered giving to your local CMN then should look into it. They keep all the money they collect to help out local families. They help from anything to medical devices to gas to get to and from the hospital. That is just the short list. The kids and I volunteer as much as we can with CMN. They have helped us in the past with getting Bug's stroller, physical therapy equipment, a large computer monitor, and horse therapy.

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