Thursday, March 13, 2014

Where Does All the Time Go

Some how I completely forgot to post my Week in Review last week. Time just seemed to get away from me last week. It was a busier than normal week and this week has been turning out to be the same. I know my weeks always are busy. These last two weeks has been more so. It didn't even involve appointments with Bug. Surprised! I am always surprised when it doesn't involve Doctor appointments.

We have been trying to get Bug's beehive finished. We got it all built finally. I am so happy to have it done. We finished painting the boxes yesterday. The only thing that needs to be done is to put in the foundation in the frames. Then we wait for the bees.
 It will be so nice to have raised garden beds this year. I just need to find time to sow the seeds.
We are also hauling in topsoil/compost into our new raised garden beds. I have three beds that we made out of cinder blocks. Eventually we will add a few more raised beds. Little Man worked hard and did a man's job. He was so tired the next day I let him sleep in. His legs and back sure felt a bit sore.

The other thing that has kept us so busy is that we have an annual Purim carnival at our congregation and my husband and I are in charge of organizing it and getting everything ready. Of course we get others involved but, there is a lot of things to do before we can get to that point of others helping. This last weekend we set up the game booths with another couple and kids testing the games out. Then its the little things like organizing all the prize for the big event. Then last minute things that you have to get together.

Then lastly the kids are getting a play set this week. The grandparent helped with half the funds for this project and it will be such a blessing for the kids to have a play set out in the back yard. We have a swing set which will go away very soon. The kids out grew it and I cringe every time they start swinging as I am not sure which is going to swing faster the kids our the base of the swing set. We've had it for awhile and its time for it to go as it doesn't support their weight anymore. It doesn't matter that I have an 11 year old but doesn't realize how big she really is. Lucky for her we got a heavy duty play set being put in.

We have been literally running and doing so much everyday and night that I need break! I just need to find time to do the laundry, and clean up the house. Some how school managed to get done.

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