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Week in Review -Week #31-#32-2013-2014

I am not going to even try and catch up on the last few weeks that I missed of "Week in Review". Life is always busy but, I think I have had the blogging blues. 

We are in Sonlight American History Part II

Scripture Memory Verse

We are still reviewing all the previous learned verses and are working on remembering the books of the Bible.


We are in the book of Psalms.

Read Out Louds

We finished reading, "Thomas Alva Edison" by Margaret Davidson

We are reading, "The Winged Watchmen" by Hilda Van Stockum

For Poetry we are reading, "The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall

Physical and Health Education

Little Man is playing baseball for PE and Bug is on the search for insects at the park when Little Man is at PE.

Little Man is still doing Karate twice a week.

Therapy and Appointments.

Bug is back in the saddle again after having a couple of weeks off. The therapist are letting Little Man ride the horse for 5 minutes when Bug is done with her therapy. They are teaching him some basic skills with the horse. I am so glad that they are doing that with him. 

As always we have lots of other appointments and therapy going on. Bugs food therapist left and so know we have to wait awhile until they can get another one hired. I am in no hurry as it gives us a breather every week! She was doing so good with this therapist and is trying new foods and eating a tad more at home. I'll take a tad its better than where she was.

 History and Geography

This week we have been reading about the atomic bomb and the Manhattan Project. 

We went into the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We watched a few YouTube videos and learned about some of the effect of the atomic bomb. 

We are starting now to learn about the "Cold War" and the rebuilding of some of the countries after the war.
 We made World War II airplanes. This is a simple craft that the kids loved.
We caught up on our passports and timelines. We located the countries and cities we read about this week on our map.
We also had a fun craft in our Shabbat School. I had the kids decorate some Rice Krispy treats and make a map of the Divided Kingdom." It was a lot of fun and all the kids were very proud and did a presentation in front of the adults on the map.

Language Arts and Math

We are doing an online program for math called CTC Math. It's part of the TOS Schoolhouse Crew Review. The kids are loving it. We are still doing our regular math curriculum Math-U-See. Little Man and Bug are just about finished for the year with it and I am glad to have CTC Math to carry them into the summer.

Bug is doing Logic of English which is another TOS Schoolhouse Crew Review. We are loving it also. I can't wait to share the review with you.

Little Man is learning about adjectives this week. Grammar is not his favorite subject but he is doing well.


I have very happy scientist as we have been doing lots of science and lots of experiments. My kids can never have enough of science.
Bug did a presentation in 4-H Entomology and is getting ready to do the same one for her 4-H club. She is telling others about the parts of a beehive and products that can be made from a beehive. I figured this was a perfect time before we get the bees into the hives. 

Little Man is finishing his rocket in 4-H and they will be launching them in two weeks. After that he can do the final coat.   

Hebrew, Art, and Misc. Studies

Both kids are still using Cap IT! for their Hebrew studies. Little Man is finishing up with it in another week. Then he will go into another program.

Art has been going on in our house again. We are working on ARtistic Pursuit. It is also part of the TOS Schoolhouse Crew Review. I love the motivation of doing things when you are reviewing it. My kids are excited with all the art going on in school! It makes this mom happy when they are excited. 

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