Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gem and Mineral Show Field Trip

Last Friday we had a field trip at the annual Gem and Mineral show. The kids love going an looking at a bunch of rocks! We don't go every year as the show doesn't change too much from year to year. 
 Bug loves the Rose Quartz and has a few in her growing collection.

 The favorite attraction is the rock pile. The kids get to fill up a brown lunch sack for .50 cents. We only filled up 6 bags this year!
Did I mention that we brought home a lot of rocks? Only six bags. Oh well they found some pretty cool rocks and had a lot of fun. That is what matters. Right? Did I mention I broke my brand new watch in the rock pile helping Little Man search for cool rocks? Oh well it can be replaced as the kids had a lot of fun. 
 Rocks that glow in the dark are pretty amazing.
 I guess it doesn't take to much to amaze me.
Some of them even glowed for a few minutes after the light came on.
 One happy Bug who brought home 3 bags of cool rocks.
 Another happy kid who brought home 3 bags or rocks. That are even cooler because I helped him load up his bag with cool rocks.
I paid for a pile of rocks! Amazing what a mom will do for a fun field day and a bunch of super cool rocks. We even bought rocks from vendors! The Gem and Mineral Show is a fun field trip that I am sure we will attend again in the future. Not next year as I have 6 bags of rocks and some rocks I bought at the vendor tables. Good thing I have lots of plastic containers on hand.  

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