Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Schoolhouse Crew Review for Trident Case


Around two years ago we received an iPad 2 anonymously for Bug as a gift. It has been a huge blessing with all the educational apps, books that read to you, and not to mention the ease of the touch screen for her. Our previous iPad case was falling apart literally. I was delighted to be able to receive and do a review for the Kraken A.M.S Case forthe Apple iPad 2/3/4. I need a tough case for my daughter with special needs the Trident Case has fit our need.

The Kraken A.M.S Case for the Apple iPad2/3/4 will cost you $69.95. That isn’t a huge cost considering the investment you have in your iPad. Trident Case also offers several different cases for all your electronic devices.  The case is for all ages. I know I have dropped our iPad a few times. I always managed to do it when getting out of the van on the concrete driveway.

The  Kraken A.M.S Case forthe Apple iPad 2/3/4 comes in a variety of colors. The case is made to be shock absorbent. All the Trident Case have been military tested. A built in screen protector. An outer hard polycarbonate shell with an inside silicone cover that wraps around the iPad. Trident Case has a variety of items for all your electronic devices.

Our iPad goes everywhere we go. It’s one of those things we don’t leave home without.
It goes to the hospital while waiting for procedures to done.
It goes to all of our therapies and appointments. We live in waiting rooms around five hours every week. We do school, read books, play games, and watch movies on it.
It goes to Homeschool PE class and the kids like sitting on the top bleachers. So far no one has managed to drop it from the top seat-yet.
It goes to horse therapy and gets sniffed and drooled on by Bug’s horse. It was apple drool this day. Then Little Man dropped the iPad into the dirt.
So what do I like about the Trident Case?

I need something sturdy and rugged to stand up to an 11 year old with special needs that still flops and drops and throws a temper tantrum. She has been known to toss the iPad in those tantrums. That’s where the shock absorbent protection comes in. The Trident Case has been military tested. She has tested if for me a few times in that capacity. It has met the concrete, wood, tile, and carpeted flooring a few times thanks to my daughter. So far it has passed my 11 year olds tantrums. Not to mention her just not thinking about where she sets it down or just being clumsy on her end.
The Trident Case is what I like to call drool proof. (Built in screen protection)I have a daughter who drools due to low muscle tone and not to mention a horse with apple drool. That is just a few of the features of the Kraken A.M.S Case for the Apple iPad 2/3/4.
They have a variety of color choices. There is silicone rubber on the outside of each corner and a hard polycarbonate shell.
I love supporting a company that proudly makes their products are in the USA.

The case was easy to assemble and the buttons are easy to press. The screen didn’t seem to have any issues when touching the screen during the use of the apps.

They offer free standard shipping in the US and Canada.


I’m not a big fan of the clips that attach the hard case together. They snap together with tabs. I had to snap them together a few times a week. I don’t think the iPad would of fell out because of the snaps. The tabs also seemed to get caught on clothing and other items.I did take the iPad out and make sure I had it assembled correctly. That wasn’t the issue as it was installed correctly. I think it was more of an annoying factor with the tabs catching on to things. I would love to see the snap mechanism different.

You need to buy the stand separate from the case.
All in all a great case and I feel pretty good knowing it will hold up to my daughter and my son who is sometimes just rough.  I would like to see our iPad last for several years. I know that I am in need of a case for my iPhone as it is falling apart. I was satisfied with the Kraken A.M.S Case for the Apple iPad2/3/4 and will look into buying a Trident Case phone case for my iPhone.

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