Saturday, May 17, 2014

Week in Review -Week #35-#36-2013-2014

I am not even going to catch up on the last few weeks. 

We have officially finished school for the year. We wrapped up everything this week. This has been a good year for us finishing everything on time and not carrying anything over into the summer. Not even my Bug has anything left! That is a first for her.

We completed Sonlight American History Part 2 

Just because we finished Sonlight and the other planned items doesn't mean the kids are totally off the hook! The beauty of homeschooling. We will continue to keep doing items we have for review with the Schoolhouse Crew Review and other items so they don't forget all those skills that they mastered this year. I promised the kids that it would be around an hour 3 to 4 times a week.

Now I have to get the kids certificates printed out. They love it when they get certificates announcing they have completed a grade level and advance into the next grade.

I have to buy a few more  items for next school year. Then the fun of planning begins. I am putting together my own curriculum next year and putting Sonlight on hold for a year or two. The kids are wanting to learn about the history of Israel. We will start out in the Biblical text and proceed along to modern day Israel. Depending on how much I find in the books I bought it could go into a 2 year cycle.

Our used homeschool book sale is today and in two weeks is the homeschool convention.

Blessings and thank you to everyone who follows my blogs and drops me emails with questions and also just to say hi! I love hearing from you and it is encouraging to me to hear from my readers.

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