Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Reason I Homeschool My Daughter With Special Needs

An isolation room at Mint Valley Elementary School in Longview, WA (Photo: KATU) 
"Parents are growing increasingly outraged over an unusual method some schools are using to discipline kids. The policy involves the use of isolation rooms (aka “scream rooms”), closet-sized rooms that children, often those with special needs, are placed in for a cooling-off period, where they can be left unmonitored for up to several hours at a time without bathroom breaks."

You can read the rest of the story here.

I just couldn't imagine someone putting my child in a room like that. I do have to put her in her bedroom at times when she gets out of hand to let her calm down so she doesn't hurt herself or others. If I hear that she isn't calming down after a bit I go in the room to love on her and slowly work it out with her. She is never in the room several hours unless she falls asleep. Sigh, that just tears my heart apart. 

Usually Bug is having seizures, in a lot of pain and can't express it, or just having a bad day and can't express it or explain to me why she feels the way she does. What if that child is having seizures that could be so dangerous to a child. I know it's hard often with a child with special needs when they have behavioral issues but is an isolation room really the answer to the problem? This just makes me sick to my stomach. I can't image the fear a child goes through being in a room like that. 

I feel somewhat better getting my frustration out now-somewhat. I'm thankful I can homeschool my daughter with special needs. I count it all joy even on our worst days.

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