Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Beehives Have Been Named

I was getting a bit tired of referring to the beehives as beehive 1 and 2. I have read that others name the queen of each hive to make it easier to keep track of them. A found that some beekeepers start with the letter A and make their way though the alphabet with names. My beloved gave me that odd look when we named the beehives. I still have to tell him beehive 1 or 2 along with the name. I think he thinks names should be reserved for dogs and cats. The fur friends not the stinging insects!

We write down every time we go into the hives so we can keep track of the girls. I couldn't tell you when we go into a particular hive unless I look in our notebook. It's much easier for me to have them named.

I let the kids pick out the names of the queens. Bug had the first hive to think of a name and Little Man named the second hive which was an ordeal as he wasn't so fond of the alphabetical order of names. I like this system as it keeps track of how many hives and is just easier for me to help Bug keep track of them.
Our first beehive Bug lovingly named, "Anastasia". A nice name for our gentle Italian queen. 
Little Man named the 2nd beehive, "Bolt". A very fitting name for our bees that came from a swarm last year. Bolt has made me bolt out of the garden area a few times to let me know that I am in their way. I think Bolt likes the kids as the only time they need to leave the garden area is after an inspection and they are letting us know that they are mad.
Anastasia is the one in front and Bolt is in the back. Really Bolt should be in the front. I am afraid to confuse the bees at this point in our learning about beekeeping. I will just bolt when needed. As long as they don't sting me for being out in the garden I can handle it. They just like to check me out from time to time to make sure I am not a threat and at other times chase me away.

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