Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Schoolhouse Crew Review for Kinder Cottage Publishing Review

When I think of some of my favorite stories from my childhood the first ones that come to mind is Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit brings such delightful memories to me. I was excited to get the chance to review books from Kinder Cottage Publishing. We were able to choose two books from Peter Rabbit. I choose Peter Rabbit at the Farm and How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea.

Peter Rabbit series is recommended for ages 3-9. If you have fond memories like I do of the beloved adventurous rabbit from your childhood then you will enjoy the stories just as much as your kids. 

Both books have been adapted and republished by Kinder Cottage Publishing. They are a hardcover book with 64 pages. The paper in the book is a nice satin sheen high quality paper. The illustrations in the book are the original artwork. Each page has a full size picture on one side with the story on the other side. The font and print size are a nice size for young readers. The binding is tight and a good quality.
Peter Rabbit at the Farm has Peter up to mischief again. Peter ends up going to McGregor’s farm to help out his friend Goosie Poosie. While at the farm he meets new friends and has lots of fun playing around. As usual Peter get way over his head and is anxious to get back home to his snug tree. Then he gets lost in the corn field and decides to hitch a ride with Old Jim Crow. Finally at home Peter shares his adventure, eats, and is ready to turn in for the night. Peter Rabbit at the Farm is the second of ten stories in the Peter Rabbit tales published by Kinder Cottage.
How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea starts out with Peter running an errand for Mother Rabbit  to Mr. McGregor’s garden to pick up some cabbage leaves for breakfast. Peter gets distracted with some nice juicy green apples and puts the cabbage leaves down. He forgets all about his errand and ends up heading home without them and gets in big trouble from Mother Rabbit. While playing with his sisters Peter wants to play pirates and sail in a boat. Even after Peter’s mother warns them not to play by the brook. Peter has his mind set and off Peter is to create his adventure with his three sisters pleading with him not to disobey.

Peter finds the material to make his boat and his adventure begins. With a strong wind Peter Rabbit finds himself face to face with a shark, crab, sword fish, seagull, hawk, and a whale. Peter gets more adventure than he bargained for and is grateful to be safely home. Peter Rabbit Went to Sea is the fourth of ten stories in the Peter Rabbit tales published by Kinder Cottage.

How did I use Kinder Cottage Publishing in my homeschool?
I read one book a week during our read out loud. I broke up the story in three days of reading. After I read for the day we talked about the story. The wonderful thing about Peter Rabbit stories is that there is always a heart issue to take care of. We talked about what Peter Rabbit did and what he could have done different. Their is also a lot free items you can add to all the Peter Rabbit series online.

Bugs thoughts on the books?

Bug loved the stories and I read her both stories several times. She even had her brother read the books to her a few times. Her favorite one was, “How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea”.
Little Man's thoughts on the books?

Little Man also enjoyed the stories and wanted to read the other books in the series. His favorite was also, “How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea”.


My final verdict:

I was very pleased with the quality of the books. It was a joy to share some childhood favorites with my kids.


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