Thursday, July 24, 2014

Into the Hives for an Inspection

We went into the hives awhile back to make sure all is well. The gentleman with me is a former beekeeper that goes to our synagogue and he had bees a long time ago. He's always asking about the girls so we invited him out to go into the hives. He was pretty excited.
This is Bolt.
Look at the white comb.
 It's jammed packed with honey and brood. The girls have been busy.The edges of the frame with the pure white is the capped off honey.
 All the frames are looking good.
 This is one of the older frames that came with the nuk. It was looking really good also. They have honey here also to feed the many hunger little ones.
 Bolt now has two honey supers. Just maybe we will have a small honey harvest. This hive is super fast with everything she does. Bolt which was so aggressive at first is now our calm hive.
 Anastasia had a malfunction with some frames in her honey super. We had to put a new box on her. We will most likely have to give her some of Bolt's frames next time I go into the hive.Too bad, maybe that is why our gentle hive turned a bit cranky. She is pretty slow with building up. 

The good news is that both brood boxes look amazing with lots of capped honey on the edges and lots of brood. Hopefully that will be enough to keep strong.

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