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Junior Analytical Grammar TOS Crew Review


I am pretty excited to tell you about a new grammar program I have been using the last few weeks. Are you familiar with Analytical Grammar? I’ve heard of Analytical Grammar before but, have never taken the time to investigate the program before. I have been using Junior Analytical Grammar:Mechanics with my daughter for this review.
I received the Teachers Book and Student Book set for $39.95. Additional  StudentWorkbook are $19.95. Junior Analytical Grammar is for 4th or 5th  grade.

Junior Analytical Grammar teaches English grammar in a systematic approach to help with language mastery in 11 units. Each unit is expected to take around one week to complete.  Each unit builds on the prior units. 

Junior Analytical Grammar teaches all parts of speech, five sentence patterns, parts of a sentence, and classic sentence diagramming. You will also learn some of the mechanics of grammar like the six comma rules, capitalization, and other vital concepts needed to understand grammar.

In the 11 units you will cover:

Unit 1: Nouns
Unit 2: Articles and Adjectives
Unit 3: Pronouns
Unit 4: Prepositions
Unit 5: Subject and Verb
Unit 6: Adverbs
Unit 7: Patterns 1 & 2
Unit 8: Pattern 3
Unit 9: Linking Verbs and Patterns 4 & 5
Unit 10: Helping Verbs
Unit 11: Conjunctions & Compound Situations

The Junior Analytical Grammar Teacher Book is a paperback spiral bound book.  You will have notes and exercises that are in the Student Workbook along with the correct answers. You will also get an overview of each unit you will be teaching your student. Some notes on correcting test. This is what I call an “open and go” curriculum. I don’t have to do any prep work before hand as the program is laid out nicely all I have to do is read the notes.
The Student Workbook is also a paperback spiral bound book. It is for one student and you will need to purchase another workbook if you have more than one child using the program. 

At the beginning of the unit you will learn the concept that is explained in a very simple manner. The workbooks are black and white with no pictures.

You have 3 days of exercises, then “playing with words” assignment, a final test for the unit the last day. You can view a sample of Junior Analytical Grammar.

How did I use Junior Analytical Grammar in my homeschool?
Homeschool Grammar
I used this with my 11 year old daughter who is going into 6th grade this year. Bug has lots of learning disabilities and struggles in many areas academically. Grammar is the one area that I feel she has a good grasp of the concepts. She also likes grammar to a certain degree.

I used this 3x’s a week with her. The first day we went over the concept and worked on the exercises. We did more than one page a day so we could finish a unit in 3 days. It was at the most 15-20 minutes a day. The third day we focused on just the final test. 

My daughter is easily distracted and has a hard time with writing due to arthritis. I like the simple approach Jr. Analytical Grammar uses. The pages didn’t distract her and I didn’t have to pull her back in to keep her on track with the short lessons.

 She did have a hard time with the space provided for writing above the sentence. I don’t foresee that being an issue with most kids as the space is spacious enough. I would read the sentence to her and she would tell me the information and I ended up writing it for her. It was very easy for me to adapt to her needs without much effort on my end.

Grammar has been a painful subject for me as I really don’t like grammar and I am still not very good at it. While teaching Junior Analytical Grammar to my daughter I kept thinking, “where was this program when I was learning grammar’? I think I will be learning a lot with this myself-just don’t tell my kids! This was a straight forward grammar program that wasn’t overwhelming and filled with a lot of busy work. 

I am already planning to add this to my son’s schedule in another year. He is much like me when it comes to grammar and I think he will like the straight forward approach without it dragging out all year long. Although I do think I will add the Companion DVDs to finish out this program with my daughter and for my son when he is ready for Junior Analytical Grammar. I think this will be very helpful for me teaching grammar with confidence to my children.

I really appreciated the no-nonsense approach to teaching grammar mastery. The units are laid out nicely and build upon one another in a way that anyone who struggles with teaching grammar can understand and learn grammar while presenting it to your child.

The crew reviewed different products from Analytical Grammar so go check out the other products that are offered from Analytical Grammar.

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