Monday, July 28, 2014

Mysterious Bee Showing Up at our Watering Hole

This mysterious bee showed up at our watering hole this week. I don't know what breed the bee is. The only thing I know is that it isn't one of ours. It's not an Italian, Carniolan, or a Caucasian Honeybee.  It's head and thorax is completely black but it also has darker stripes.
 Every other part of it looks like a Honeybee. I am pretty sure that it is a type of a bee. The other option is that it is a type of a bee fly. I couldn't see how many wings it had. If it's four wings then it could be a type of bee if only two wings then it is in the dipotera family (fly).
 I just can't seem to find a picture to say 100% what it is.
Do you know what type of bee she is or fly. I've looked online but, I am not having any success locating her.

Poor thing was acting like she was totally exhausted and was tolerating us getting pretty close to her and even picking her up with leaves. She didn't even try to fly off.

 She ended up dying and Bug put her on ice to add to her collection. We will look later and see how many wings she has and investigate it more when time permits.

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