Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our Week Through the Lenses of a Camera

 A stepping stone on our front porch with the Messianic symbols. I love the colors.
 Little Man is having fun with swimming lessons.
 Bug being cute and waiting for her brother to finish swimming lessons.
 Our first cucumbers.
 Where are our bees? They need to get over here to pollinate our garden.
 Green peppers!
 Lots of strawberries this year.
 All the bees are in the wildflowers.
 We are letting our lettuce flower just for fun and for the bees.
 Bug's favorite garden decoration. Except we just have frogs.
 Little Man advancing to an orange belt!
 Bug loves the colors of the carpet.
 Little Man with his instructor talking about breaking a board.
 It didn't happen but he had fun trying.
 Sparing fun.
 Playing in the rain.
My sweet girl looking for insects in the rain. She found a large Mayfly.
 Our raw milk. With cream on top.
 Pulling the cream out to make butter.
 "Mom how long is this going to take?"
 Building our desk in the classroom.
 I really dislike this kinda of stuff.
 I just realized that I put the track on backwards for the keyboard holder. Bug asked me to do it again so she could get a picture of me.

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