Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our Week Through the Lenses of a Camera

Another week gone by. It's been a hot and mucky week in Kansas.
 Bug at her food therapy appointment.
 She's always willing to try new food with the therapist. This was a hamburger with ketchup.
 Need I say whether she liked it or not. The picture says it all.
 She did love the tortilla which has always been something she likes.
 Our lettuce is now flowering and all of them are in full bloom. Never knew lettuce could be so pretty. The bees are loving it.
 Our last plant in our terrarium. The cactus literally deflated. 
 The kids still want to keep it on the coffee table and later add more plants.
 We went to a park less than a mile from our home and there are bees everywhere. Most likely a lot of our girls forging this rather large park with lots of clover. I'm thinking HONEY!
 Little Man in his last swimming class for the summer. He is now swimming pretty good.
He jumped off the diving board for the first time. He was a bit scared at first. Afterwards he was ready to go jump off the diving board again.
 At the stables waiting for Bug to finish her last horse therapy session for the month. She got to go on one of the many trails at the stable on this gorgeous day. I'm loving the weather today.
 Admiring the potted flowers on the porch of the stables.
 Bug got to ride her old horse Honey Bee as her current horse Rascal has been a bit grouchy today.
 Hopefully an apple will make Rascal feel better. I think he swallowed the pieces whole and forgot to chew.
 He knew I had a few more and was begging. Sorry, boy got to share with the others.
 Diamond munching on his apple.
 Diamond took his time to enjoy the apples. What a sweet gentle boy who actually chewed his food.
 Bug picked me a bouquet of flowers on the trail today during therapy.
We found caterpillars eating our sunflowers. We brought them inside to observe them. We are anxiously waiting to see what kind of a butterfly they will turn out to be. So much fun to watch them change. What an amazing God we have!

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