Friday, July 18, 2014

Watersource for our Honeybees

 I love this picture of the honeybee leaving our water source. This is actually a picture that Bug is submitting to the county fair for 4-H photography. It just grabs my attention with the bee being so clear in flight. I don't think I could ever get such a nice picture even if I tried. 
 We put large plant saucers close to the hives and found a bunch of large rocks so the girls don't drown.
 Sometimes the rocks are standing room only as the girls are coming home from a hard days work of collecting nectar and pollen. They are usually a bit more fussy when the watering hole is crowded so I don't dare get this close. We have three plant saucers set out for the girls.
 I have to fill the saucers twice a day. Once in the morning and then around 3 PM. They like it when the rocks are wet and the water is fresh. They come out of nowhere to get the water. 

When we first got the hives I spiked the water with lemon grass oil to keep them at our water source rather than the neighbor's bird bath. Every now and then I add a drop to remind them. Don't know if it helps but, I read it somewhere that it keeps the girls from your neighbors watering hole.
All in a days work. It's time to get a nice cool drink and head in for the night.

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