Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School 2014-2015

 We began our first day of school yesterday. It went well and we had fun exploring all the new curriculum. 

Bug wasn't to happy as it takes her a bit to get back into the routine of a new schedule.  We always start out our school year with a light load the first week. It helps me to get a grasp of the curriculum and schedule and also to help Bug adjust. We had a few meltdowns and she hid under the table a few times with her ears covered. I thought it would be easier with the reviews we do three times a week. I think she just knows that it's five days a week and several hours from here on out. In the end she was smiling and laughing.
 It's hard to believe my sweet little girl is in 6th grade.
 Little Man is ready to go.
 Of course the sillies set in. Little Man my class clown set the scene as always for the new school year. Bug tried to give her best silly face. After, a bit I did get them to stop having so much fun and give me a straight face.
How was your first day of school? As for mom well, honestly I'm not there yet overall. I feel like this summer I didn't accomplish things I wanted to get done. Overall, I'm excited for a new year but the reality is that we all have ups and downs in homeschooling and I need to just not worry about what I didn't accomplish this summer. Last year took a beaten on me with all of our weekly appointments. I am so grateful that I can stay home and teach my children all these wonderful years.

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